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Thank you to all the amazing people Begging for It


It’s high past time for a HUGE shout out to some of the incredibly gifted and generous people that are giving their time and expertise to make this fundraising campaign happen.

These three have given many, many hours of their time and very valuable professional expertise.

Michelle Sullivan at Webmatters who made the Loons Theatre Trust’s rather spiffy website and has dealt in an incredibly friendly and efficient manner with all our last minutes requests (and there have been many!). Want a website? Call Michelle.

Erin Jamieson of Convergence PR who is going above and beyond every day to get the Loons as much media coverage as possible, and who is also giving Kate, Darryl and I invaluable advice. I’ve worked with a lot of PR people, and let me tell you, Erin is the shiz!

Andy Gilmore of the eponymous Andy Gilmore Brand Design is a man who knows his way around a graphic design brief. He put together our Begging For It campaign look. He is seriously good at what he does, as his seriously impressive portfolio attests. Andy is a Lyttelton local, now living in Auckland, but his heart belongs portside, and we heart his work.

And then there all these amazing businesses and people, who have also given time, space and talent to the Loons cause.

Tandem Studios for filming our hilarious promotional videos with Keith Preene.

Blue Smoke Music for helping organise a very special top secret fundraising gig. More news coming soon.

The Eastern for donating a house gig to raise money for the Loons.

Phantom Billstickers for posters, bill sticking and adverts in your Café Reader

Neat Places for web banners and for giving us shout outs in your emails and social media.

Richard ‘Popx Art’ Baker and Koti Puru for the amazing mural up at Civil and Naval.

Civil and Naval for lending a wall for us to host said excellent mural.

God save the Queen! and Henry Trading for decorating your windows so beautifully, and selling raffle tickets, tea towels and other delights to raise money for the Loons.

Freemans for hosting events and providing delicious food and being generally fabulous.

Plum Jam for making the super fly limited edition Loons Tea Towels. Have you got yours?

Tony Russell and Aaron Batstone of Event Extras for the icecream van. Mmmm! Ice cream.

And last but not least all the performers artists giving their time to fundraise for the Loons. Shay Horay, Tony Cribb, Gary McCormick, Janice Gray, Jared Corbin, Lizzie Tollemache, Dave Ladderman, Mulletman, Hannah Harding, Devilish Mary and the Holy Rollers, The Musical Bingo gals and Rizael Zervos.

We could not have got as far as we have without you.

It takes a village to make a theatre. And when this is done and we have raised enough money to pay for those retractable seats (in and out in and out) each and every one of you will have made this happen.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! We name you all honorary Loons for Life as a token of our enormous gratitude.

The Loons


Published on Thursday, October 8th, 2015, under Begging for it

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