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Marlon Williams sings songs for The Loons

Marlon Williams sings songs for the Loons


Lyttelton songwriter Marlon Williams who returns home this December to use his growing celebrity for good, and play one small special show to raise money for the Loons.

When a young man leaves the shores of home for the bigger world outside and then finds himself availed of every door opening, with attention and praise lavished upon him, it would be easy for him to forget the place where he started his journey. That may be true for some, but not for Marlon.

Marlon is giving all the proceeds from this show to The Loons Theatre Trust to help us buy the seats for the new theatre. We’re over half way to our crowd funding target of $70,000 and the proceeds from this concert should help us get to our goal.

The show will be held in one of Christchurch’s newest and most exciting music venues; Gustav’s on 23 December as an early Christmas present for fans of Marlon and the Loons. The night will be an intimate and beautiful evening, which will showcase Marlon solo, highlighting the voice that has wowed so many and his growing reputation as a crafter of songs. As the show will be seated, capacity is strictly limited so get in quick. Marlon sold out the Isaac Theatre Royal earlier this year. Seats for this show will go like hotcakes.

Plus to meet our crowdfunding campaign deadline, tickets will only be on sale until 31 October. This show is sure to be a highlight of the summer, it is for a good and true cause, and may be one of the few chances left to catch Marlon before the world snatches him up.

Grab your tickets here before they sell out >

Our heartfelt thanks to Blue Smoke Music for coordinating the show, to Cassels & Sons for providing a wonderful venue, and to the extraordinarily talented and enormously kind Marlon Williams for singing songs for the Loons.

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Published on Monday, October 12th, 2015, under Begging for it

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