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Gift Vouchers just in time for Christmas

Posted: 01 December 2017

Apparently the world can’t get enough of watching people unwrap stuff. In a bid to become the next Youtube unwrap sensation, Darryl shares the reveal of a cracking Christmas gift idea – gift vouchers to The Butler Dresses Again. Quite fancy for us really! Email if you’d like to buy some vouchers


Don’t miss Keith this weekend

Posted: 01 December 2017

Don’t miss the legacy that is Keith Preene Comedy Bingo on this Friday and Sunday. Prizes galore – win tickets to the LAF Christmas Cabaret or The Butler Dresses Again, raffles and Keith’s Meat Pack! Visit to book now

We’re nearly there!

Posted: 14 April 2016

On Monday May 2 as the bell rings at Lyttelton Primary School there’ll be a lot of excitement for both Lyttelton Primary School and The Loons Theatre Trust.  The new school and the shared hall & performance space open their doors to staff and students alike.

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