“This production sparkles and fizzes....the brilliant ensemble acting, skillful circus acts and singing and dancing of the finest quality, make a performance unlike anything I have ever seen.”
Gail Tresidder, Theatreview

Audience 12,400 + (113 shows)
10 cities throughout NZ



Cabaret meets drama in Hanussen - The Palace of Burlesque (formerly ‘Berlin Burlesque’). An internationally flavoured, multi-dimensional extravaganza brought to you by The Loons Circus Theatre Company.

The story of Hanussen’s Palace of Burlesque is based on Erik Jan Hanussen, a mentalist and variety theatre owner in Berlin who parallels Hitler’s rise. He was a lover of women and the casbah.

With a dynamic set incorporating multimedia The Loons bring live music and action literally into the audience. An atmosphere is created that will carry you through a range of eras, locations and emotions and leave you on a high.

“This show is big and warm and generous and absolutely joyous.”
Nelson Mail




Audience 12,400 +
86 shows
10 cities throughout NZ


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