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The Loons Theatre Trust is committed to artist development creating international opportunities for it’s performers producing solo shows to showcase the talents of each of the founding company members.





Battle of the Bastards is the story of super-villiain, Edmund- from Shakespeare’s King Lear. As told by a busker.  Its a “raucously funny, rich, varied and grisly” hour of entertainment. (Theatreview- NZ)

After winning Best Of The Fringe in Canada’s Toronto Fringe Festival, and Critics Choice at the World Buskers Festivals, variety entertainer David Ladderman is here to harness the power of swordfights, old timey cussing and a squishy pumpkin. If you like Shakespeare you should probably go. If you don’t like Shakespeare you should definitely go.

Best of Auckland Theatre (Lumiere Reader) 2013.  Best of the Fest The Grid (Toronto Fringe Festival) 2013 Best Production, Now Magazine (Toronto Fringe Festival) 2013 The Iron Chicken, The Press Critics Choice Award, World Buskers Festival 2014

“In his hands, the Bard became brilliant, refreshing fun”.  Judith Paviell, Nelson Daily Mail

“Ladderman is a true star – versatile, dynamic and charismatic .. The show is dazzling”   Rosie Fernandez, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation




“Boxes” is based on true life events and will be devised using Skye’s Guinness book winning skills as a contortionist to powerfully symbolise entrapment because the audience will see her literally trapped in boxes. In addition to acting and contortion “Boxes” will also incorporate Skye’s world class skills in Ariel, and Hoola Hoop to create a highly innovative and visually stunning work.

The one act play “Boxes” is based on the concept that we are trapped by our choices and circumstances and how universal yet individual this experience of being trapped is for all of us. The Loons has a proven track record of developing and touring highly acclaimed solo shows built around the protagonists unique talents and these solo shows have toured extensively in New Zealand and abroad.




On February 9th 2009, a barman in Lyttelton got locked in an alley. Nobody knew he was there. He was there all night. And he was alone. Well, almost.

Written by Joe Bennett and performed by Tom Trevella, Stuck up the Alley tells the touching and comic story of how we behave when we’ve got nowhere to go and all night to get there.

Joe Bennett writes a regular column in the newspaper, and has written several books about a whole host of topics including the extraordinary story of how he traced his Warehouse underpants all the way back to China. In Stuck up the Alley Joe weaves a new yarn that is guaranteed to leave a smile on your dial.

“Trevella is engaging and endearing”. Gail Pittaway, Theatreview

“Trevella .. holds his audience captive with finely detailed, acute and ironic observations on the human condition.”   Judith Paviell, Nelson daily Mail








The Lepidopterist is a charming and at times darkly funny theatrical treat, exploring certain aspects of human nature that many share.

A bumbling butterfly collector finds a beautiful location in his search for a rare species. He sets up camp. He plays a musical instrument. He spots the butterfly and a comedic chase follows using net, stilts and rope to catch this missing species in his collection. He catches the butterfly. It flutters trapped in a jam jar. A celebratory and comedic camp dinner follows as he admires his glass display cases with one empty space. He sleeps and whilst he dreams a human butterfly appears in an aerial movement sequence. Nightmare.He releases the butterfly.

The protagonist is a silent clown and the whole story is communicated through physical theatre, circus skills and music. The art of clowning is one of the most difficult art forms misunderstood and undervalued. It is argumentatively the root of theatre with a long and honorable history within the arts.




The Butcher’s Daughter is a show about love, family and a butcher’s daughter, performed by the multi-talented Sophie Ewert. Sophie, as it happens, is a butcher’s daughter.

Sophie brings her talents as an accomplished singer, dancer and actor to the stage to deliver a stunning performance in a story that is universal. That; what we are born into is not who we are, yet it shapes us irreversibly.



The Most Notorious Couple in New Zealand Entertainment History.

alexander1888 New Zealand. Mr Alexander bent objects with his mind. Mrs Alexander solved crimes with telepathy. Crowds gasped at their heart-stopping finale, The Possum Trap. Meet the most notorious couple in colonial showbiz! David Ladderman and Lizzie Tollemache present the gripping tale of Mr and Mrs Alexander in a play... with mindreading, stunts and magic expertly weaved in to the story.

After travelling the world performing circus and sideshow to a modern audience, Lizzie and David went back to the roots of the genre and unearthed gutsy ladies, social misfits, freaks, hucksters and mediums. They delight in telling the story in a piece of theatre whilst including the famous (and infamous) acts themselves.

Best Ensemble, Ottawa Fringe Festival 2014  Best Production, Now Magazine (Toronto Fringe Festival) 2014 5 Stars: Canadian Broadcasting Corporation 2014
5 Stars: Onstage Ottawa 2014  5 Stars: 2014

“...Fringe Perfection” Onstage Ottawa

“... A magical show, and one not to be missed”   Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

“...Gripping theatre, full of laughs and thrills... Don’t miss it”   NOW Toronto

“...Ladderman and Tollemache play the title characters with a wonderful blend of illusion, mentalism and storytelling oozing with charm... Get your tickets early” Charlebois Post 2014





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