Lytfest Lyttelton Arts Festival 2024
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Welcome to the Lyttelton Arts Factory

Ōhinehou / Lyttelton's only 'black box' theatre. Home to the Lyttelton Arts Festival, great theatre, touring companies, quality performing arts education and versatile venue hire for your next function.

Lytfest Lyttelton Arts Festival 2024
Lytfest - Lyttelton Arts Festival

JULY 5 - 20

Lytfest 2024

The Lyttelton Arts Festival is two weeks of theatre, dance, parties, workshops, exhibitions,  adult-only fun and family activities.

Come and enjoy incredible eateries, funky bars and stunning scenes before catching a show or ten in Lyttelton / Ōhinehou.

Visit our website at for all the details as they come to hand.

The Tempestuous sml

AUG 9, 10, 16, 17, 18

The Tempestuous: A Shrew’d New Comedy by Will Shakespeare and Penny Ashton

Sicily’s beloved King Enzo is dead. Now Princess Rosa, a stroppy spinster, must navigate the tempestuous waters of belching Step-Fathers, lusty suitors, popping cod pieces and menopausal witches, to face her destiny.
LAF Education Drama

Ever wanted to:

  • Learn 'drama'?
  • Learn to play an instrument?
  • Play in a band?
  • Perform in the theatre?
  • Learn sound and lighting operation?
  • Make props?

Focussed on students, but also available to adults LAF has a range of classes available in their program. LAF provides students with a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in a professional theatrical setting, guided by practitioners such as Director Mike Friend and Musician Carmel Courtney, both of whom have garnered critical acclaim in their respective fields.

Our diverse student body ranges from young performers as young as 5 to adults. For those in Year 5 and beyond, there's the exciting prospect of participating in top-tier productions featured in our esteemed education series. These productions boast an exceptionally high standard. Renowned writer Joe Bennett frequently lends his talent to the scripts, ensuring that children are entrusted with fresh and high-caliber material.

Fundamentally, Lyttelton Arts Factory embodies Mike Friend's steadfast conviction that the arts should be inclusive, breaking down barriers rather than creating divides. Here, we champion the idea that theatre and the arts should be accessible to all, not just a privileged few.

A selection of posters from some of the past events and shows that LAF has produced. To see a greater selection, and a timeline, visit past productions.

Lyttelton Arts Festival 2023
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Our mission as a supporter of both local and touring artists LAF offers not only a venue, but also a platform for both established and emerging artists to showcase their works via arts education and the annual Lyttelton Arts Festival.

LAF is a not-for-profit organisation meaning all proceeds go directly to artists and the the immediate running costs of the venue. LAF utilises the skills of a dedicated few to keep the venue going contributing a number of personal hours in the name of community and the arts.

LAF aims to:

  • Create and present new New Zealand works.
  • Contribute to development pathways in Christchurch.
  • Provide performers, directors and writers with devising and rehearsal space and performance opportunities.
  • Teach diverse theatre and performing arts disciplines.
  • Mentor and provide opportunities for emerging artists and technical operators to work in a professional environment.
  • Provide a high quality theatre environment for touring shows to present their work.
  • Provide Christchurch audiences with a diverse range of opportunities to see high quality local and touring shows.
  • Support the Circus and physical theatre community. Christchurch and LAF have a rich circo arts legacy.
  • Provide the community, organisations and businesses a venue for events, exhibitions, presentations and workshops.
Inside the black box theatre

Lyttelton Arts Factory is a fully equipped Black Box Theatre based in Christchurch's Lyttelton.

LAF hosts a wide variety of events including theatre, dance, comedy, music and multi-media. Flexibility is integral to LAF's design which boasts fully retractable tiered seating enabling directors, set designers and lighting designers to adjust the space to suit their show.

The space can be optimized for End Stage, Short Traverse, Long Traverse, Thrust, In the Round and Promenade.

  • Theatre up to 140
  • Cocktail up to 200
  • Cabaret Tables up to 150
  • Cabaret/Theatre combo up to 170
  • Banquet up to 80
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