Dates: 13 - 25 July 2016

By Jim Cartwright. 
Directed by Mike Friend.

An unpopular leader is re-elected, the country lives in fear of terrorist attacks and is still reeling from the effects of recession. But for the inhabitants of a Lancashire street, there's a party to go to. The vagrant Scullery is your tour guide, introducing you to an array of characters all trying to find some kind of escape from their squalid existence.


"..if this show is anything to go by, I can't wait to see what the Trust does next.'' Georgia O'Connor-Harding, ChCh Star, 21/07/16 FULL REVIEW HERE

"..Go see this play while you can."  Ruth Agnew, Theatreview, 14/07/16 FULL REVIEW HERE


Tom Trevella
Toni Jones
Phoebe Curtin
Briana Coppell
Aaron Boyce
Eli Cox
Joshua McPherson
Janice Gray
David Ladderman
Shay Horay
Nikki Bleyendaal
Derek Doddington
Lucy Rossie
Hamish Rossie
Elizabeth Lane
Lizzie Tollemache
Anna Willows
Asher Etherington
Anthea Struthers

Anthea Struthers, 'Road' 2016
Road slideshow4
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