2023 School Productions

Nov 22 – Dec 14

Lyttelton Primary School combined with LAF’s expertise produces some of the finest theatre productions of any junior school around. Headed by Director Mike Friend and musical specialist Carmel Courtney  and with occasional writing from Joe Bennett, students are treated to world class tuition and vision.

This November/December you can expect some stunning productions:

Dreams – Senior Students
The Border – Years 9 & 10
Snow White and the 27 Wharfies – Years 5 & 6
The Pied Piper of Hanmer – Years 7 & 8

Take a look at our What’s On Section to see dates, pricing and details.

You’ll be surprised at the calibre of some of our tamariki as they perform ensemble and solo works within the greater production. Come and take a look!

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East Riding Theatre Artist Exchange Program

This exchange is born out of Mike Friend’s professional relationship with Adrian Rawlins, E.R.T’s Artistic Director.

From the first show”Oliver Twist” our artist exchange programme with E.R.T has produced great outcomes for performers and audiences. It saw Hester Uyllart and Annie Kirkman raise the stakes in “The Butler Dresses Again” and then brought two outstanding solo shows to LAF audiences; Evie Guttridge (SPOONFACE Steinberg) and Hester Ullyart’s (Paragon Station) in 2018.

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