East Riding Theatre Artist Exchange Program

Chippie coming soon2

This exchange is born out of Mike Friend's professional relationship with Adrian Rawlins, E.R.T's Artistic Director.

From the first show"Oliver Twist" our artist exchange programme with E.R.T has produced great outcomes for performers and audiences. It saw Hester Uyllart and Annie Kirkman raise the stakes in "The Butler Dresses Again" and then brought two outstanding solo shows to LAF audiences; Evie Guttridge (SPOONFACE Steinberg) and Hester Ullyart's (Paragon Station) in 2018.

LAF's biggest community theatre event yet "Our Town" in January 2019 was also made possible by this artist exchange when Hester Ullyart returned to be mentored to direct the show under Mike Friend at LAF.

Our latest collaboration with E.R.T is a new work "Chippie" by Joe Bennett which will be directed by Adrian Rawlins in the UK starring Tom Trevella and Hester Ullyart. This new work will return to LAF in 2020. This is massive opportunity for Tom to work under a world class UK director, and will bring a fantastic new show to you at LAF in 2020!

This program has since been disrupted by the pandemic but keep an eye out for upcoming ventures.

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